How to distinguish between genuine and fake Rolex watches

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How to distinguish between genuine and fake Rolex watches 9

Rolex’s position in the world is like its logo “crown eternal”, the global market popularity is incomparable to other watch brands, and the sales volume is far ahead of other watch brands, which is also the watch brand that many manufacturers are vying to imitate, so how to distinguish the authenticity of Rolex in the face of the market? Rolex’s method of identifying the real from the fake rolex watches look at the packaging, the packaging of genuine Rolex watches is more exquisite, and the curve on the crown does not have a splicing process; Looking at the accessories, the authentic Rolex watch accessories are complete, and there is radiation anti-counterfeiting on the tag; Looking at the dial, the small crown on the dial of an authentic Rolex watch is laser anti-counterfeiting. Watches have always been one of the best fashion items to flatter taste, and there is a saying in the bezel that “there are only two watches in the world, one is Rolex and the other is the other”! However, there is a large circulation of Rolex fakes on the market, and the assembly table is highly confusing, so everyone must pay attention to distinguish and avoid losses! Of all watch brands, if you don’t think about a brand, I’m sure 90% of people will say Rolex! That’s right, Rolex is one of the world’s most recognizable watch brands. But have you noticed that there are a lot of fake Rolex on the market, which can be said to be flooded, especially those popular styles of water ghosts, Daytona or something, there is a “bad street” situation. Now I’ll teach you the difference between a fake Rolex and a real one. Rolex watches are Swiss-made luxury watches that are designed, made, and always in a traditional style. Its performance includes fully automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dustproof, etc., and the workmanship is excellent, especially the dial, handle and strap, and engraved crown are the hallmarks of its high quality. Because brand-name watches use advanced equipment and high-quality materials in manufacturing, they achieve fine processing and high finish. Therefore, real Rolex watches, both workmanship and text, are very fine and have a perfect feel, which is an important aspect of authenticity.

fake rolex VS real Strap

The genuine Rolex strap is beautifully designed, and each bracelet is closely connected, with a fine workmanship and uniform thickness, making it look heavier. Fake Rolex watches straps are rougher in workmanship, especially with a lot of rough edges.

1. The strap of a Rolex watch is usually made of a high-quality metal, such as stainless steel or white gold, while a replica may use a lower-grade metal.

2. The Rolex logo on genuine straps is usually clearly visible, while imitations may be blurred or distorted.

3. Rolex watches usually have the Rolex logo on the strap buckle, while imitations may not have the logo or the logo is not clear.

4. The crown and clasp need to be carefully observed. A real Rolex watch will usually have a very fine crown and clasp and is very easy to handle. If you see anything loose or unstable on the crown or clasp, then it is most likely a counterfeit Rolex watch. In addition, the crown of a real Rolex watch will often bear the Rolex logo and be very smooth.

5. The strap and clasp of a Rolex watch are also the focus of the inspection. The logos and indexes on genuine Rolex bracelets and clasps should be clear and aligned. At the same time, check that the opening and closing mechanism of the clasp is smooth to ensure that the watch can be worn comfortably.

fake rolex watches

2. Letters

The lettering on an authentic Rolex watch is clear and looks more neat, and the scales in the interior are uniform and orderly. The fake rolex appearance is rougher, the letters are slightly blurred, and there is no three-dimensional effect.

replica rolex watches

3. Certificates

Genuine Rolex watches are beautifully designed and have a good feel, and when purchasing, the merchant will issue relevant certificates and warranties, and the date of manufacture and manufacturer of the watch can be queried through the code on the certificate. Fake rolex watches do not have certificates, and even if they do, they can’t find out the relevant information of the watch. Every Rolex watch has a corresponding manufacturing record and certificate. These records should include details such as the model number, serial number, dial color, strap material, etc. By verifying the consistency of this information with official records, the authenticity of the watch can be further confirmed.

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How to distinguish between genuine and fake Rolex watches 10

1. The logo of a Rolex watch is usually clearly visible and distinct from that of an imitation. The mark of authenticity is usually more elaborate, with clearer letters and graphics.

2. Rolex watches usually have security marks and numbers on their certificates, through which the authenticity can be checked. The information on the certificate should also match the watch itself, such as the model of the movement, the diameter of the dial, and the length of the strap.

3. The most direct way to identify a counterfeit Rolex is to see if there is a standard certificate. A qualified Rolex naturally cannot have problems with the authenticity of the certificate. Some counterfeiters are always trying to forge certificates, but the real certificates, which were depreciated paper until 2007 and have now been updated to hard plastic credit letters, will not ignore these details.

3. Genuine Rolex watches usually come with accessories such as the original watch box, manual, warranty card, etc.; Imitations, on the other hand, may not have these accessories or the information on the accessories may not match the watch. In addition, the printing quality of genuine accessories is high and the handwriting is legible; Imitations, on the other hand, may have poor printing quality and illegible handwriting.

4. Packaging

The packaging of genuine Rolex watches is more delicate, and the curves on the crown do not have the process of splicing. The packaging of fake Rolex watches is relatively rough, especially the curves on the crown have a splicing process. Genuine Rolex watches will have obvious differences in the box, such as the material of the box and the workmanship of the box. The easiest thing to identify is to find a curve at the position of the crown on the box, and the corner of this curve is a process without splicing. However, some imitations may also be sold on a genuine box.

fake rolex watches

5. Dial:

1. Rolex dials are usually plated with gold or karat gold, while imitations are usually chrome or stainless steel. The gold color on the genuine dial has a higher sheen and looks softer.

2. The Rolex logo on the dial of an authentic product is usually clearly visible, while an imitation may be blurred or distorted.

3. Rolex watches have very clear dial numerals and graduation marks, while imitations may be rough or blurry.

4. The small crown on the dial of a genuine Rolex watch is laser anti-counterfeiting. And the small crown on the dial of the fake rolex watch is inlayed.

Fake Rolex Watches

6. Listen to voices

1. The movement of a Rolex watch should be extremely precise and should emit a crisp and smooth sound when running. If the movement sounds dull or stuttering, then it is most likely an imitation.

2. When shaking the watch, the genuine should make a crisp and pleasant sound, while the imitation may make a dull sound.
7. Observe the details

1. The crown of a Rolex watch should be very delicate and should have the Rolex logo. If the crown is rough or has no logo, then it is most likely an imitation.

2. The bracelet of a Rolex watch should be very fine and should match the dial and strap. If the bracelet is rough or doesn’t have a design that matches the dial and band, then it’s most likely an imitation.

3. Rolex watches usually have the Rolex logo and number on the caseback, and the authenticity can be checked through this information. The information on the case back should also match the watch itself, such as the model of the movement, the diameter of the dial, and the length of the strap.

fake rolex watches

8. Movement

    For beginners, it is not possible to tell with complete accuracy whether the movement is the model or not when the case back is opened. In most cases, it is even more difficult to distinguish if it is inconvenient to open the bottom cover. The following two methods also apply only to the most recent models.

1. Dump. Press your thumb on the glass, and your index finger on the bottom of the table, so that the watch is horizontal, and shake it left and right with a little force. At this point, a fake Rolex with an EAT movement can easily feel the oscillating rotor while a real Rolex does not.

2. Rotate out the handle, stop the second and turn the minute hand, if you rotate the handle clockwise, and the minute hand rotates counterclockwise, the movement may be EAT, fake Rolex. If the handle is rotated clockwise and the minute hand is rotated clockwise, the movement is likely to be a real Rolex movement.

In addition, as long as it is a Rolex produced in recent years, on the bottom edge of the watch glass at 6 o’clock, there will be an extremely tiny Rolex watch which crown-shaped LOGO icon, you need to look carefully with a magnifying glass to see, fake rolex watches do not have this icon.

There are many rough spots on the dial of a counterfeit Rolex watch, such as diamonds of different sizes and positions. The luminescent dots are not in the right place, the date frame is not aligned with the dial, and some glass diaphragms have the production serial number printed on them.

3. Observe the movement. A real Rolex watch usually uses a very fine movement, and the movement is usually very precise. If you see anything rough or inaccurate on the movement, then it is most likely a counterfeit Rolex watch. In addition, the movement of a genuine Rolex watch will often bear the Rolex logo.

4. The movement of a Rolex watch is another component that needs to be carefully examined. Genuine Rolex movements are usually well-made, engraved with the brand’s logo, and finely polished and adjusted. If you notice any signs of irregularities in the movement, such as misaligned scales, mismatched gears, etc., you need to be alert to possible counterfeits.

fake rolex watches

9. Identification characteristics of the watch glass

Rolex differs from other brands in that it has a laser-proof crown mark at six o’clock, and the circle of each crown head is made up of seven small dots, and the open circle is 14 small dots, and the crown mark began to be used around 2000-2002. In the new Rolex models released in recent years, there will be a laser-made crown logo on the outside of the watch glass, at the midpoint of the six. This logo is not very easy to spot, you need to tilt the watch at some angles to see it clearly, and the Rolex number is 6 digits, and there is this laser logo. It should be noted that some fake Rolex have also begun to make laser scanning effects, but these fake Rolex “laser effects” will be many times, such as uneven laser spots, large shapes, and even direct front view, etc., while genuine Rolex is difficult to find when you look closely, but it should be noted that some old Rolex models do not have laser anti-counterfeiting marks.

10. Identification features of Rolex models with a date function with a magnifying glass

The surface of the magnifying glass on the Rolex glass will be coated with a layer of blue film to ensure that the glass of the date part will not reflect under strong light conditions, increase clarity, the edges will be chamfered, and the glass will be frosted to prevent light transmission.

11. Identification of the numerical display at the Rolex calendar

The numbers displayed in the Rolex calendar, the number 10 of 0 is the center of the circle, the number 20 and the number 30 of the 0 are elliptical, the numbers 6 and 9 can be placed upside down, the number 1 has a hook at the beginning and the end, there is a unique number 3, which is hooked inward, the number 7, the horizontal hook, the vertical hook, and the number Luohan 8 looks very elastic.

12. Pointer identification

One. Three-hand second axis identification features

Formal watch hand shaft: the shape is perfectly round, the second hand axis surface is flat, the edge is chamfered, and the convex part of the center shaft is significantly higher than the center plane of the second hand. Sporty needle shaft: the same craftsmanship as the formal watch, with only minor differences, the second hand is large and flat, and the edges are not chamfered. It is also necessary to take a closer look at the dial and hands. A real Rolex watch will usually have a very fine craftsmanship, with very fine details of the dial and hands. If you see any flaws or asymmetries on the dial or hands, then it is most likely a counterfeit Rolex watch. In addition, the hands of a real Rolex watch are usually very smooth, and the distance between the hands and the dial is very even.

Two. Needle tip treatment and pointer process identification method

Full-size hands and second hands: the edges of the hands are flat and no burrs, the second hand is flat-tipped, the cross-section is right-angled, and there is no beveled section. Sporty tip: The second hand is flat-headed, and the hour and minute hands are relatively sharp, with no extra cutting planes.

13. Look at the accessories

If you buy an authentic Rolex watch at the counter, it will have a small card with the same code as the watch. Secondly, there is also a tag in the accessories, which is radiation anti-counterfeiting. In addition, the old warranty card will have the corresponding signature and date attached to it, and the new warranty card result improvement will have the date and corresponding product number.

14. Observe the weight

A genuine Rolex watch will usually weigh more than a fake Rolex watch. If you feel that the watch is too light, then it is most likely a counterfeit Rolex watch.

15. Identification points of signs

Genuine: Crown logo surface mirror polishing, edge chamfering, the overall shape is three-dimensional and slightly curved, the top five original claws are spherical treatment, the bottom is a square chin, and there are folded corners

Imitation: The surface is not mirrored, the top original claw is not spherical, and the bottom is a round chin

16. Identification points of scale scales

Genuine: The scale is angular and angular, mirror-polished, and the middle luminous filling is uniform without overflow

Imitation: Graduated scale luminous fill with overflow

17. Look at the number and the date of regression

Each authentic Rolex watch leaves the factory with a unique number, usually between the lugs. In order to save costs, the number of each batch of fake watches is the same, if you go to the Internet and search for a lot of watches with the same number, it means that this is a fake watch. When you release the crown to adjust the date, the real man will start reversing the date at six o’clock, not twelve. Few fake Rolex can replicate this.

18. Waterproof test

All Rolex Oyster case watches are thoroughly tested for water resistance. Some people have reported that the waterproof performance of the fake Rolex is very poor, and even if it has an oyster structure, it cannot protect against water. However, if each fake watch can also be tested in this way, the cost will of course increase a lot. In addition to equipment costs, personnel costs, and the cost of many defective products eliminated, these costs are also eliminated.

19. Use professional tools for professional testing

For higher-grade counterfeits, visual inspection may not be reliable enough. In this case, the use of specialized tools, such as an X-ray machine or ultraviolet lamp, may be helpful in detecting hidden markings or features on the watch, which may be used by Rolex officials to identify its products. Correctly distinguishing the authenticity of a Rolex watch requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. If you have doubts about a particular watch, it is best to seek the advice of a professional appraiser or visit an official Rolex dealer to ensure that you are buying a genuine Rolex watch.

There are also Rolex watches on the market that have real cases, straps, and fake movements inside, so it is best to open the watch with special tools. A real Rolex movement, with the autopilot removed, is engraved with the word ROLEX on the movement bridge, as well as the movement numbers: 1570, 2135, 3135, 3035…… etc., and the fake ones are not. The real movement has fine parts and clear lines, while the fake movement is rough and dark. Distinguishing the authenticity of a Rolex watch is a delicate and patient matter. Of course, in a regular and trustworthy business, this will be a lot easier. I hope you can gain something from this article, and have some confidence in identifying Rolex watches, and you are buying real Rolexes.

In summary, there are many aspects to identifying the authenticity of a Rolex watch. By carefully examining details such as dials, straps, logos, and certificates, as well as listening to the sound of the movement and observing other features, it can help you judge the authenticity of your watch. If you suspect that the watch you are buying is an imitation, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional appraisal agency for accurate identification. These are some of the aspects of Rolex Authenticity Identification Characteristics that we hope will help you.

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