Ten Ways to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

swiss fake rolex watch
swiss fake rolex watch

Rolex is one of the most renowned watch manufacturers, producing approximately one million watches annually. Rolex timepieces have been worn by celebrities like James Bond and other notable figures. Given Rolex’s popularity, especially models like the GMT-Master II or Submariner, the presence of counterfeit Rolex watches is not surprising. For some Rolex owners, it’s more of a status symbol. Counterfeit Rolex watches, priced lower, may appear to satisfy the aspirational desires of individuals seeking status. However, for these aspirants, such purchases are more about consumption rather than investment or self-realization of value.

Identifying 10 Tips for Recognizing Fake Rolex Watches

When it comes to recognizing fake Rolex watches, there are generally ten aspects to consider: unofficial sales channels, ticking sound of the second hand, mechanical movement, checking weight, case back, engraving, dial details, materials, crown markings, and list details. Let’s start with unofficial sales channels. First and foremost, if purchasing from unofficial channels, pay special attention to the seller’s reputation. For online purchases, check reviews and the status of other watches for sale to make an assessment. When buying new, only purchase from authorized retailers. Additionally, for unofficial channels such as auction houses, besides browsing online, it’s essential to physically inspect the watch and communicate with auction house experts about the watch’s condition.

Second: Listening to the “ticking sound” of the second hand: In Rolex mechanical movements, the movement of the second hand should appear smooth compared to the ticking motion. In fake Rolex watches, you may still hear a slight ticking sound from the movement.

Third: Mechanical Movement: If you can capture a photo of the movement, it should be a mechanical movement. This means either a manual winding movement like those in the Cellini series, or an automatic winding movement like those in the Rolex Kermit. In the Oysterquartz series, some quartz models were produced for approximately 25 years. These are typically Datejust or Day-Date models, as no other models were produced with quartz movements.

Fourth: Check the Weight: If you can physically handle the watch before purchasing, feel its weight in your hand. Rolex watches, even those made of stainless steel compared to precious metals, have a substantial weight. Stainless steel models typically weigh around 100-160g, with women’s watches being lighter and steel sports watches approaching 160g. Gold models range from 190-220g, while platinum models range from 240-270g. This may vary slightly in vintage models with hollow links instead of the solid links we are familiar with today. Even though the weight of vintage models may differ from newer models, the case should still be heavier than most counterfeit Rolex watches.

fake rolex watch
fake rolex watch

Fifth: Caseback: Few Rolex watches have display casebacks, with only the Prince model in the Cellini series featuring this exhibition caseback. Firstly, a solid caseback helps maintain the watch’s water resistance. Using a display caseback would require additional gaskets to maintain waterproofing. Another reason for a solid caseback is to keep the watch thinner. It’s well known that the additional sapphire crystal can make some watches very thick. Rolex Submariner models already have a thickness ranging from 12 to 15 millimeters, so adding a display caseback would make it bulkier on the wrist. A solid caseback should also have no engravings. This means there should be no Rolex branding, logos, reference numbers, or other engravings. Some individuals do choose to have engravings on the caseback to commemorate special occasions, but these are also rare in the counterfeit Rolex market due to sentimental reasons. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, with some special models, rare models, and older ladies’ Datejust models featuring engravings.

Sixth: Engravings and Serial Number: While most Rolex models should not have any engravings on the caseback, there should be several places to look for specific engravings. The serial number on a genuine Rolex watch will be deeply engraved, not just superficially scratched like on fake Rolex watches. Since 2002, Rolex has been micro-engraving the crown logo at the 6 o’clock position. This is visible to the naked eye without the need for magnification. Sometimes, tilting the dial may help make it visible. If the reference you’re considering was made after 2002, this should be visible. Counterfeiters find it difficult to replicate engravings on fake Rolex watches. Recently, Rolex also introduced “ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX” engraved around the rehaut of the dial. The serial number is engraved at the 6 o’clock position. For older models, the serial number is located between the lugs at the 6 o’clock position on the case side. The model number is located between the lugs at the 12 o’clock position on the case side. If you can obtain a photo with the caseback opened from the seller, there should be engravings on the inside of the caseback. This should include the brand, material, and reference number. When looking at the engravings, the edges should be clean and not messy, and there should be no misspellings. Some of these things may also be difficult to see in online listings or may not be photographed, which is why it’s important to thoroughly observe both the seller and the product for any specific details.

Seventh: Dial: Similar to engravings on Rolex watches, the case on the dial should be checked, which is easier to identify in online listings. The text should be evenly spaced and straight. Carefully inspect for any spelling errors, although uncommon today, older fake Rolex watches may have the “Folex” brand. Also, check for specific colors of dial features. The Rolex Explorer II has distinctive red or orange hands, depending on the manufacturing year. There are also some coveted “Red” Submariner models that may be counterfeited. The Cyclops (magnifying glass) can also be indicative of whether the watch is fake. Use it to observe the details on the dial. Rolex collectors have long debated that the Cyclops should be a 2.5x magnification, although Rolex’s website has previously mentioned this, it no longer explicitly states the magnification. Older models should still have a noticeable magnification, while on fake Rolex watches, the Cyclops may have low or no magnification, making the date difficult to read.

Eighth: Materials: Rolex uses only the finest materials for its watches, many of which are proprietary internal materials. Lesser materials will be lighter in weight compared to genuine Rolex watches, and they may be more prone to scratching or being plated rather than solid. If you can see scratches on the case, they should match the color of the surface material, disregarding shadows or reflections. Rolex materials are specific and include: 904L stainless steel, 18k gold, Everose (a platinum and rose gold alloy), 950 platinum, Rolesor (a combination of gold and steel), Rolesium (platinum and steel), and various gemstones. In addition to using the finest materials, Rolex only selects specific diamonds and gemstones to add to their watches. Rolex has in-house gemologists who inspect and select the gemstones, which are then set by gem-setters to best display color and gemstone quality. Gem-setting is done using the finest components and gemological expertise. In fake Rolex watches, the bezel may be oversized, gems may be poorly set, or you may even see obvious inclusions or color inconsistencies.

Ninth: Crown Markings: Similar to engravings on the case or markings on the dial, the crown used for winding or setting the watch should also have distinct markings. Rolex watches produced before 1960 will feature a Rolex crown with a cross (crown logo). In more recent models, the crown is still present but with the addition of bars or dots underneath. These bars or dots symbolize whether the watch has a Twinlock or Triplock crown as well as its material. Stainless steel or gold Twinlock crowns will have a horizontal bar, while platinum crowns will have a single dot. For Triplock crowns, a platinum crown will have a small dot between two larger dots, whereas a white gold crown will have a large dot between two smaller dots.

Tenth: Listing Details and Pricing: In any suspected counterfeit Rolex watch, scrutinize for spelling errors in various documents and components, and thoroughly inspect the specific details of the watch through trusted resources. Check the packaging box and written documents (if any). While the presence or absence of accessories with a Rolex watch doesn’t necessarily indicate its authenticity, they can help determine legitimacy. Having a box and documents adds value to selling a watch in the counterfeit Rolex market, aside from the condition, year of production, and materials used. If the price of the watch aligns with that of other models, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s authentic.

swiss fake rolex watch replica Submariner
swiss fake rolex watch replica Submariner

The above is how to identify fake Rolex watches. You can refer to them.

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