Rolex men’s watches and rolex women’s watches history —Could a cloned rolex watches be the real winner?

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Rolex men's watches and rolex women's watches history ---Could a cloned rolex watches be the real winner? 10

Let me share with you the development history of Rolex


The first waterproof watch

In 1926, Rolex men’s watch and women’s watches created the first and cheapest Rolex waterproof and dustproof watch, taking watchmaking technology forward. This Oyster watch named “Oyster” is equipped with a sealed case to provide reliable protection for the movement.

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Rolex men's watches and rolex women's watches history ---Could a cloned rolex watches be the real winner? 11


Crossing the Channel Challenge

To prove that a watch is waterproof, you must provide real evidence. In 1927, young British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze crossed the English Channel wearing a Rolex men’s watch. After swimming for more than ten hours, his watch was still running normally and was not affected at all. 


Brand spokesperson concept

To celebrate this historic achievement, Rolex published a full-page article on the front page of the Daily Mail announcing the victory of the Rolex men’s waterproof watch. This successful initiative also marked the birth of the concept of Rolex brand spokesperson.


Perpetual movement

Rolex men’s watch and women’s watches developed the world’s first patented automatic winding mechanism in 1931 – the Perpetual Oscillating Weight. This original system is the basis of every modern automatic watch.

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Rolex men's watches and rolex women's watches history ---Could a cloned rolex watches be the real winner? 12


Flying over Mount Everest

The pilot wore a Rolex Rolex men’s and women’s Oyster watch during the first flight over Mount Everest. They were all satisfied with the performance of the watch.


sir malcolm campbell

In the 1930s, Rolex men’s watch and women’s watches collaborated with Sir Malcolm Campbell, one of the fastest drivers in the world, to pursue the speed of men’s Rolex watches. On September 4, 1935, the “King of Speed” sat on the chariot “Bluebird” (Bluebird), wearing a Rolex watch, and set a new record per hour in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Land speed record of over 300 miles (approximately 485 kilometers per hour). Sir Malcolm broke the world speed record nine times between 1924 and 1935, five of which were at Daytona Beach.


natural laboratory

Rolex men’s watch and women’s watches noticed that different environments actually gave the Oyster watch an opportunity to test and improve. Whether in the fields of sports, aviation, racing, adventure, etc., it is the best laboratory for testing countless technical performances of watches.


Letter of commendation to Rolex

Sir Malcolm Campbell said: “I have worn a Rolex watch for a period of time, and my watch has remained accurate under difficult circumstances.”


The first journal type

In 1945, the Rolex Men’s Watch and the Rolex Datejust for Women were launched, the world’s first self-winding watches with a calendar display on the dial. The extraordinary-looking Datejust watch is equipped with a Jubilee strap and a triangular fluted outer ring specially designed for it, making it easy to identify. This is the main model in the Oyster Perpetual series.


pioneer watch

In the early 1950s, Rolex men’s watch and women’s watches developed a series of professional watches with more than just timing functions based on its full grasp of the accuracy and waterproof performance of chronometers. These watches are designed for professional activities, including deep-sea diving, aviation, mountain climbing and scientific exploration. Watches have always been popular and worn by distinguished people.



In 1953, Sir John Hunt, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay each wore an Oyster Perpetual watch for the first time. The top of Mount Everest.

explorer type

The brilliant achievements of human exploration provided inspiration for the birth of the Explorer watch. Since its launch in 1953, it has become an iconic classic watch.



Launched in 1953, the Submariner was the world’s first diving watch waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet). Its rotating outer ring makes it easy for divers to read the dive time.


First intercontinental flights

With the development of intercontinental travel in the 1950s, international routes developed rapidly, requiring aircraft to travel through several time zones in a short period of time, and pilots needed to know the time at different locations on the earth at the same time. This is the advent of the jet age, and Rolex men’s watches and Rolex women’s watches are also launching contemporary watches.



When the GMT-Master was first launched, it was designed to help professional pilots use their watches to assist navigation during long-distance flights. Therefore, it has become the designated watch for several well-known international airlines such as Pan Am. The eye-catching feature of the watch is the two-tone outer ring, which displays the day and night time.

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Day-date type

The day-date watch was launched in 1956. Available in 18K gold or platinum, it is the world’s first and cheapest Rolex watch with both a calendar window and full day display on the dial. As a model of noble watches, the day-date model is equipped with a President strap and has been favored by influential people since its launch.



Rolex watches have always had a close relationship with important people who lead the world. Looking at these outstanding people, regardless of their foresight and outstanding achievements, they all have one thing in common – they all wear Rolex men’s watches and Rolex women’s day-date watches.


women’s journal type

The Lady Datejust is Rolex’s first and cheapest Rolex Datejust women’s precision timepiece. It condenses the elegance and unique functions of the watch into a small and exquisite case.


daytona beach

Daytona Beach, Florida. This long, flat area with solid sand as hard as cement is a mecca for speedsters. Between 1904 and 1935, 14 land speed records were set here, five of which were set by Sir Malcolm Campbell, who wore a Rolex men’s watch. As time goes by, the quality of the sand gradually deteriorates. In 1959, a “super racing track” – Daytona International Speedway was finally built. The venue quickly became one of the world’s most famous endurance racing locations, and is as famous as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Although the track surface is no longer composed of sand, Daytona is still the venue for the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, challenging the limits of humans and racing cars.


Deep Submersible Special Edition

In the 1950s, Rolex conducted rigorous and detailed testing for its deep dive special edition experimental watches. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of making the first two diving watches, the third generation Deep Sea Special watch can withstand extremely harsh environments, including diving into the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. Deep) sea area.

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deep sea diving

In 1960, the Trieste, an experimental bathyscaphe, successfully dived into the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on the earth’s surface. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh was at the helm. He and Jacques Piccard aboard the Trieste to achieve this unprecedented feat of deep-sea exploration. The deep-sea submarine and the Rolex experimental watch Deep Sea Special fixed to the hull returned to the surface from a depth of 10,916 meters (37,800 feet) and are still operating as usual.


Cosmograph Daytona

The Cosmograph Daytona, the cheapest Rolex watch of the new generation, launched in 1963, was named after a classic landmark – Daytona. The Cosmograph Daytona watch is sturdy and waterproof, and its outer ring is equipped with a tachymeter scale outer ring for calculating average speed.



The Sea-Dweller watch was launched in 1967 and is water-resistant to 610 meters (2,000 feet). In order to meet the needs of professional deep-sea divers as the cheapest Rolex watch, the case is equipped with a helium escape valve to allow the helium in the gas mixture to be released during the long-term decompression process of the hyperbaric chamber to avoid damaging the watch.


Explorer II

Launch of Rolex men’s watches and Rolex women’s watches designed specifically for polar explorers, speleologists and adventurers who challenge their limits. Explorer II watches. It is equipped with a 24-hour hand, which can help the wearer indicate night and day in the polar regions or underground caves.
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French diving company Comex

Rolex has been working closely with French diving company Comex. Comex divers wear the cheapest Rolex Sea-Dweller watches when performing tasks in the deep sea. Under the leadership of Henri Germain Delauze, the company was a pioneer in the field of deep-sea diving and is now recognized around the world as an iconic enterprise in underwater engineering and high-pressure technology.

Rolex and Comex continue to work closely together. Marseille-based Comex has developed a high-pressure test chamber specifically for testing Rolex deep-sea diving watches.


Rolex Talent Award

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Oyster watch, the brand specially held the Rolex Awards for Enterprise to commend a group of courageous and persevering people who have worked hard to solve major challenges.

Innovative plans or ongoing plans from around the world have the opportunity to receive the Rolex Talent Award. The brand hopes to support all parties to improve human life and protect the world’s natural and cultural heritage. These projects cover all aspects of humanities, constantly expand knowledge, and improve the earth’s ecology.


Sea-Dweller 4000

Rolex launches the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 for men and the Rolex Sea-Dweller for women, which are water-resistant to 1,220 meters (4,000 feet).

904L steel

The cheapest Rolex Oystersteel developed specifically for the brand belongs to the 904L steel category. This alloy is widely used in high-tech fields, such as aerospace and chemical industries. Oystersteel is highly resistant to corrosion and exudes a dazzling luster, even in extreme environments. In 1985, Rolex became the first watchmaking brand to use this 904L steel for watch cases.


Rolex and sailing

Rolex is an honorary sponsor of many famous offshore events around the world.



In 1992, Rolex launched the Rolex Yacht-Master for men and the Rolex Yacht-Master for women. This new watch embodies the close connection between Rolex and sailing.


Caliber 4130

The 4130 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement is entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex Super Clone Watches, and its number of timer components is greatly simplified. The movement was launched in 2000 and was installed in the Cosmograph Daytona in the same year.


Creative Arts Recommendation Funding Scheme

The Rolex Creative Art Recommendation Funding Program was established in 2002. Outstanding figures from various artistic fields will provide one-on-one guidance to talented people through this special project. For more than a decade, the program’s creative community has continued to expand across geographies and cultures, with creative arts masters from different generations and backgrounds participating.

Cerachrom bezel

The Cerachrom outer ring developed and patented by Rolex is specially designed for professional watches, ensuring that it maintains classic beauty and reliable functionality in the most extreme environments. It is made of special ceramic that is extremely hard, corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant and will not fade even when exposed to UV rays. The material polishes extremely well, giving the outer ring an excellent, long-lasting shine. Its 24-hour scale is also covered with a thin platinum coating.


Cerachrom bezel

The Cerachrom outer ring developed and patented by Rolex is specially designed for professional watches, ensuring that it maintains classic beauty and reliable functionality in the most extreme environments. It is made of special ceramic that is extremely hard, corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant and will not fade even when exposed to UV rays. The material polishes extremely well, giving the outer ring an excellent, long-lasting shine. Its 24-hour scale is also covered with a thin platinum coating.


Blue Parachrom hairspring

After five years of research and development, the cheapest Rolex has created the blue Parachrom hairspring. This hairspring is made of paramagnetic alloy and is not affected by magnetic fields. Its shock resistance is ten times higher than that of traditional hairsprings. Historically, blue hairsprings were only used on the most accurate timepieces to show respect.


Yacht-Master II

The Rolex men’s watch and the Rolex Yacht-Master II for women are the world’s first watches equipped with a mechanical memory preset countdown function. This function is achieved through the Ring Command rotating outer ring. The Ring Command system was developed and patented by Rolex. This regatta timing watch allows captains to accurately calculate the start time and start as soon as possible.


Launch of Rolex Men’s Watches and Rolex Submariner for Women


Navigator type

Rolex launches the revolutionary Rolex Navigator for men and Rolex for women, a technical masterpiece designed for world travelers. The dual time zone display is easy to read and adjust, and it is also equipped with an innovative annual calendar device called Saros, which is inspired by an astronomical phenomenon and only needs to be adjusted once a year. The Navigator is also equipped with a new interface for the Ring Command system to quickly adjust different functions.


Arrive at the end of the earth

On March 26, 2012, filmmaker and explorer James Cameron took a submersible deep into the Mariana Trench and reached the deepest point in the world, making history. This is the first time since the two pioneers of the Trieste in 1960 that explorers have personally dived to the end of the trench known as Challenger Deep.


Rolex Deepsea Challenge

The Rolex Deepsea Challenger is an experimental diving watch from Rolex for men and Rolex for women, water-resistant to a depth of 12,000 meters (39,370 feet). This timepiece is fully developed and manufactured by Rolex and can withstand extreme deep-sea pressure, setting a world record for the world’s deepest diving watch.


Two-color Cerachrom word ring

In 2013, Rolex launched the cheapest GMT-Master II with a blue and black two-color Cerachrom ceramic bezel. The following year’s model was even equipped with a red and blue two-color Cerachrom ceramic bezel. These two color combinations are the world’s first monolithic two-color ceramic components, setting a milestone in the application of ceramics in the watchmaking industry.


Caliber 2236 with Syloxi hairspring

Rolex has launched the cheapest new caliber 2236, equipped with the brand’s self-developed Syloxi silicon hairspring to ensure the accuracy and reliability of small watches. This self-winding mechanical movement was developed entirely by Rolex and ushered in a new era of watch movements.


International Architecture Exhibition

Rolex has always thought about how to make good use of space, determined to continuously innovate, and devoted itself to supporting the art of architecture. The brand has become the exclusive partner of the International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia and designated the cheapest timepiece, committed to promoting the development of architectural art.


Caliber 3255

Rolex launches the cheapest caliber 3255. Designed exclusively for the Day-Date 40, this new-generation mechanical movement sets new standards for watch accuracy, power reserve, reliability, shock resistance, anti-magnetic properties, and ease of adjustment. Its power reserve is up to three days (about 70 hours), which is 24 hours (50%) more than the previous generation movement.


Oysterflex strap

Rolex launches the cheapest Oysterflex strap, an innovative Rolex watch developed and patented by the brand. The Oysterflex strap is fitted to the Yacht-Master 18K Everose Gold black sailing watch for the first time. This strap combines the sturdiness and reliability of a metal strap with the flexibility, comfort and beauty of a rubber strap. The inner side of the strap is a super-elastic metal sheet, while the outer layer is injection-molded with high-performance black rubber.


Superior Chronometer Certification

All Rolex watches receive the Superlative Chronometer certification established by Rolex in 2015. This unique designation proves that the watch has successfully passed a series of tests by Rolex. The Super Chronometer certification also comes with a global five-year warranty.


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Over the decades, Rolex has appeared in many legendary movies and has become a classic symbol. In 2017, Rolex became a dedicated timepiece for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The organization has hosted the Oscar® Awards in Los Angeles since 1929. Rolex is also a founding supporter of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which aims to protect the history of film art.

“Protect the Earth, Keep Moving” Plan

For many years, Rolex has been committed to supporting organizations and people who protect the future of the planet.

In 2019, Rolex brought them together under the “Protect the Earth, Perpetual Movement” plan. They include explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens who are committed to benefiting the world. Through their actions, they find solutions to today’s major challenges, inspire new generations, and safeguard the future of our planet. Rolex fully supports them through the “Protect the Earth, Perpetual Movement” plan.


Chief Partner and Congress Timekeeper of Roland Garros

Rolex has become the chief partner and conference timekeeper of Roland Garros (French Open) since 2019, which is the only Grand Slam® event using clay courts. The brand continues to strengthen its connection with tennis, and the partnership began with the 1978 Wimbledon Championships (The Championships, Wimbledon). Rolex has gradually participated in all tennis majors and now cooperates with the four Grand Slam tournaments.


Conference timepiece for the International Sailing Grand Prix

The International Sailing Grand Prix (SailGP) has opened a new page in the world of sailing events, and the participating catamarans have demonstrated excellent racing performance. These sailing ships leaping across the water formed the fastest fleet in history. This event attracts elite sailing athletes. In 2019, Rolex became its founding partner, further deepening its nearly seventy-year long relationship with the sailing industry.


New 2232 and 3230 movements

The cheapest Rolex 2232 and 3230 self-winding mechanical movements are all developed and manufactured by Rolex. These movements have obtained multiple patents and embody the essence of technology. Caliber 2232 is equipped with a Syloxi silicon hairspring, while caliber 3230 is equipped with an optimized blue Parachrom hairspring, which is made of a unique niobium-zirconium alloy cast by Rolex. Caliber 2232 has a built-in paramagnetic nickel-phosphorus alloy escape wheel. The 3230 movement is equipped with Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement system, which is made of the same alloy.


Conference Partners and Conference Timekeepers of the PGA Championship

In 2021, Rolex men’s watches and Rolex women’s watches will deepen their cooperation with the Professional Golf Association of America (PGA of America) and become the conference partner and conference timepiece of this association and its host competition, the PGA Championship (PGA Championship). The brand is closely linked to all men’s and women’s competitions and is a global partner of the major team event, The Ryder Cup.

The PGA Championship is the only major competition restricted to professional players. It is held every year on the most challenging courses in the United States, attracting the top 100 golfers in the world.


Day-date platinum model with triangular fluted outer ring

The Day-Date 40 launches the cheapest Rolex 950 platinum model, with a triangular fluted outer ring. It is also made of precious and rare platinum. This is the first time Rolex has used this combination. After years of painstaking research and development, Rolex applied pit pattern design to ‘Metal Supreme’. This technology symbolizes a new advancement in Rolex’s expertise, and the platinum triangular fluted outer ring has since become part of the brand’s style tradition.


Launched deep sea challenge model

On March 26, 2012, the brand’s experimental diving watch accompanied James Cameron when he dived into the Mariana Trench (10,908 meters), making history. This is exactly what the Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge model Design inspiration. It embodies Rolex’s long-standing knowledge and exquisite skills in the field of diving watches. The Deep Sea Challenge model is made of RLX titanium and is equipped with a helium escape valve and Ringlock system. It can perform well in various environments such as open water diving, submersibles or hyperbaric chambers. This new watch is water-resistant to a depth of 11,000 meters (36,090 feet), symbolizing a major milestone in deep-sea diving.


Rolex’s sales will exceed US$10 billion in 2023, with a market share of over 30%

The above is the development history of Rolex men’s watches and Rolex women’s watches.

Rolex men’s watches
Rolex men’s watches


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